Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chocolates anyone?

I wanted to get a Valentine's gift for my oldest daughter. So I took a look at her etsy favorites to see what I might get. She had favored a small bear but it was sold out :(  . Hmmm I could make that (famous last words right?).  So I did!  The pattern and kit I purchased from Endinburgh Imports,
edinburgh imports. It's quite small so you need to make sure the stitches are small and tight. I used a whip stitch on mine and that worked out good. To turn the pieces I used a small stick and was very careful not to poke it through the pieces.

Here is the completed bear

Here is how I packaged it for her. She thought she was only getting a box of chocolates! She was so surprised when she opened it and more surprised when I told her I made it. 

I had to eat the biggest piece of chocolate so it would fit, it was yummy!
Hope your day's are good! Until next time, happy sewing!

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