Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Year!!

Happy New Year!! Oh-kay everyone, let me try this again and see if I can do a better job this year. Today I went to one of my favorite Quilt shops, The Quilt Basket / Sewing Room. It has been awhile since I have been and it was great to see the staff again. Since I have a wonderful stash of fabric already, I have been trying to limit my purchases to must have sewing gadgets, books or patterns. Today I found this nifty Date keeper by stash books.

I thought I could use it to keep track of my sewing projects, time spent working on projects and of course blogging! It is divided into weeks of the month, with each page featuring a picture of a modern quilt. That should in itself, help keep me inspired.

A year ago, I posted a project I had started and I never showed you the completed project. Well here it is everyone! Isn't it great!!

Urchin Pincushion
This was a fun pincushion to make. Once you make all 12 pieces, you string them together and then wrap them around each other. The pins I have in the pincushion are from jennifer jangles shop, she has lots of fun stuff so make sure you go and look around and subscribe to her blog at

Urchin Pincushion Patten by La Todera
The pattern for Urchin Pincushion is from la todera. I found it easy to follow. The hardest part for me was to stay focused on it making all 12 pieces at once. I did a few here, a few there until eventually I had them all done. The pattern offers 3 separate sizes, I made the large one which is 5 inches in diameter.  That's all for my first post of the year! I have lots of projects planned and in the works. Have a great new year!!