Monday, January 30, 2012

One month down, 11 more to go!

One month down, 11 more to go! This month just flew by didn’t it? I have been busy working on a few projects simultaneously, which is never a good idea. Why? Because neither of them get done and it seems like they take forever to complete! I need to stick with one and see it to completion but I think I get bored and then start another one. So I have been jumping back and forth with them. I did however, make some valentine cards (oops! another project thrown in there). Every year our church has been donating valentine cards to the Veterans Hospital here in Tucson and then they hand them out to the Veterans on Valentine’s Day.

I wanted to use my stamps but I could not find anything “valentine” enough. My next thought was to use a heart shaped punch, but…  I do not own one of those either.  After a bit of looking I came across my Quickutz squeeze and surprise! Heart shaped dies! Quickutz used to be its own company but from an internet search its looks like they have joined the forces of  

When using the Quickutz, it is best to use paper with an adhesive back because some of the pieces are so small it is hard to put adhesive on with an adhesive runner. I used a glue pen called Quickie Glue. It worked great when I wanted to apply small controlled amounts of glue to hold those cut outs down. The last thing I used to add a little punch to the card was Glossy Accents. I just carefully applied it to the top of my hearts and then let it dry. I think they turned out great!

I stamped the tree and sewed over the hearts

You can see how shiny the heart is from the glossy accents

This is what it looks like

Well, those are my cards! I like the simplicity of them and that they say “valentine” without all the mush. I don’t know who will be receiving them so I wanted them to be generic. The inside message says “Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for serving our country!  That is it for now, I will continue to work on my projects and keep you updated! Have a great day!

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